Pfingis is sick :(

The plants are mostly looking good, but I noticed yesterday that the true leaves on Pfingis are dying. I’m not sure what is the cause. Possible explanations:

  • Over watering leading to fungal disease. I think this is the most likely cause. I may have over watered a little too much as it’s been several days and the top layer is still moist.
  • Aluminum reflector causing a hot spot. I doubt it, but Pfingis was near where I might guess the focal point would be for the cylindrical reflector, and it was a sunny day.

I’ll post on reddit to see if anyone might be able to help diagnose.

The CFL light seems to be working pretty well. I decided to ditch the reflector as I don’t think it helps much, anyway, especially with the CFL, and also since there’s an off chance that it hurt Pfingis, but I’m open to bringing it back in the future.