All the plants are over 3” tall with at least 2 sets of leaves. We are ready to replant!

Zeus is going to a new 8” pot that is 1/3 – 1/4 perlite. I used a little more than 1 handful of perlite to 3 handfuls of potting soil. I mixed it in a separate bowl, then put it straight into the pots packing down lightly. Zeus went into his own 8” pot. Kepler was replanted into the 8” pot where he and his friends grew up. I removed the soil, mixed with perlite, and repotted. The others went to smaller containers outdoors where Cara took the soil from last year (standard potting soil, but possibly infected with downy mildew) and mixed it with perlite for a drier soil. It will be interesting to see if they become infected with downy mildew. I tried to take reasonable measures to avoid infecting Zeus and Kepler who will remain indoors. Cara gave Rodney to Lani.

Except for Zeus, almost all the plants are drooping–probably due to shock. The answers in this post make me confident that this is to be expected, and they should recover with some sunlight. Too bad it’s raining outside. I put Zeus and Kepler under the CFLs.

The sun came out on and off around 4:30 pm, so we put all the plants in the front room. They’re getting pretty good lighting, so far at least through 6:00 pm. They’re starting to look alive again.

Bottom watering Kepler and Zeus – Kepler drank a good amount, but Zeus’s uptake has slowed, possibly because this is new, very dry, and less connected soil. I may have to put it in a bucket of water later to make sure everything gets wet.

Now it’s 7:30 pm and they much happier. Not fully recovered, but pretty damn close. Zeus and Kepler are back under the CFL, and the 4 others are on the window sill, 1-2 feet away getting a little bit of the light.

Also, Jim H. suggested that the brown markings on Zeus and Ghost Fire might be burns, especially since I had misted them with water on a sunny morning. Indeed, they haven’t spread to other plants, or in size. GrandmaGos independently suggested that it could be burns, but didn’t think that misting it with water would have anything to do with it. GG also suggested that I should ditch the CFL lighting, but I think I’m going to keep it for now.