More burns?

There are some more ‘burn’ marks showing up on some of the leaves. They seem to show up between the veins of the leaf. If you look closely, it even looks like some of the leaves have thinned between the ribs of the large leaves. I hope they don’t turn into ‘burns’. They have been getting a lot of directly light from the sun and the CFLs. A couple days ago I moved them back to 2.5” from the bulbs.

The soil did seem dry, so I watered them both from the bottom. The rule of thumb is 2 knuckles on the index finger means water, but I have long fingers! It’s possible that the soil is getting a little too dry and that’s what’s making the leaves susceptible to the burns. So I think I’ll shoot for 1-1.5 knuckles deep. The window was open today, too, which may have dried the soil a little faster.

The outdoor basil are now outdoors,  and they’re doing really well. Yesterday, we cut the tops off all of those for a second pizza (the bread machine makes 2 dough’s worth). Cara watered them too, but I’ll need to be keeping a close eye on things.

Also, there was one spider mite on Zeus, and a couple on Summer Sunshine, but they were easily knocked away. It was pretty windy today, so they probably blew in. If it ever becomes a problem, I can make a special soap solution.

Otherwise, the plants are all healthy. The new branches are starting to take off already, and growing at a very good rate.