Pictures and update

Summer is having a rough time. It has been windy the past couple days, and Summer and Morty have been blowing around a lot. Basil can be susceptible to bruising, and I think the constant bashing and rubbing of the two to leaves has caused bruising. The two large bruises are right were the two top leaves have been running into one another. There is even damage to the new steam leaves at the top.

Morty shows a little shredding on the edge of one of his leaves, I think from the same thing. I moved the flag back because the bottom edge was hitting the stalk, and I think created visible bruises there as well. Both Summer and Morty are getting a little bit barky around the base of the stalk, possibly from being thrashed about in the wind.

Ghost Fire and Prince, removed from the windy rail corridor, and planted in slightly larger pots, look very healthy. Ghost fire has a small bruise on one of the leaves where it is in contact with the metal pot.

Kepler and Zeus both look happy and healthy. Their new leaf sets are really starting to take off, even tiny leaves in the place where the seedling leaves used to be. Kepler’s actually a little further along even.

Cara’s growing some catnip, and one of the seedlings has threefold symmetry! I hope it grows into a real plant…