RIP Pfingis

I decided to pull the plug in Pfingis :(. I was hopeful that his second set of leaves would pull him through, but they were starting to curl up and die too. I didn’t want him to somehow infect the others (though I’m not sure if that’s really possible. Otherwise, they are looking pretty good. Zeus is towering above 2 inches, and Ghost Fire and Prince, and Rodney and Kepler aren’t far behind. Even Morty is showing some life. Summer Sunshine is strong, too, but she’s getting overshadowed by her peers.

I tried watering from the bottom on Saturday morning. I was able to pull the bottom off the pot with a screw driver, and now it is easy to remove. I filled it up about 3 times, and then waiting while the soil absorbed it. The top soil seems moist, but not soaked like when I watered it from the top before. Hopefully this is better for them.

I also noticed something happening with the leaves. I wonder if they are being eaten by mites. It appeared first on Zeus, then later on Ghost Fire, sometime over the weekend. Pictures are below, I’ll have to keep an eye on things.