It seemed clear that all the outdoor basil were getting root bound. When I added water to the pot it didn’t take much to fill it up, and it didn’t stay wet for long.

We pulled each one out, loosed up (and tore off) the root layers that had formed on the outside, then replanted them. Prince, Ghost Fire, and Summer Sunshine all went into a big 8” x 23” planter, so they should have plenty of space and a decent amount of sunlight. Morty went into his own 6” pot.

Harvest #3

Big harvest today. Between Zeus, Kepler, Prince, and Ghost Fire, we got enough basil for a little over a cup of pesto. Cara noted that some of it smells of black licorice, and others of weed. Kepler and Zeus were both about 14 inches tall before the harvest, and Prince and Ghost Fire had long branches with several nodes, due to skipping a harvest.

I watered Zeus and Kepler with 24 oz each of plant food, as usually. I probably should have gone a little more to get more all the way through the pot.

The smaller basil are getting root locked. This weekend we’ll transfer Ghost Fire and Kepler into a rail hanging planter, and put Summer Sunshine and Morty in their old pots.

Overall, everyone is looking happy and healthy.

Heat wave

It’s been in the 90’s lately, and the plants are drying out faster. I’ve had to water the outdoor plants everyday, pretty much. Summer and Morty almost need to be watered twice a day because they’re pots are so small. I watered Zeus and Kepler from the bottom today.

Plant food update

I gave Zeus and Kepler both about 20 oz of plant food. They’re looking strong, although some of the big leaves from the top are blocking the smaller leaves on the bottom. I’ll let it go for now…

Everyone is looking happy and healthy.

Harvest #2

The outdoor plants seem healthy and happy, they’re just not growing very fast due to lack of pot size, and lack of direct sunlight. I’ll skip harvesting them this time.

I watered Zeus and Kepler around 1 pm. Zeus took about 24 oz of water and Kepler about 30 oz. Also, roots are starting to come out of the bottom of both pots, so they’re really starting to fill up their space.

Kepler is about 11 inches tall, and Zeus is close to 13 inches.

One of Kepler’s leaves has some brown splotches where the surface had been ‘eaten away.’ It seems to be originating from the top of the leaf, so I don’t believe it’s downy mildew.

Harvested about 1 cup of basil, and Cara used it to make roughly 1/2 cup of pesto. Mmmmm!