Harvest #2

The outdoor plants seem healthy and happy, they’re just not growing very fast due to lack of pot size, and lack of direct sunlight. I’ll skip harvesting them this time.

I watered Zeus and Kepler around 1 pm. Zeus took about 24 oz of water and Kepler about 30 oz. Also, roots are starting to come out of the bottom of both pots, so they’re really starting to fill up their space.

Kepler is about 11 inches tall, and Zeus is close to 13 inches.

One of Kepler’s leaves has some brown splotches where the surface had been ‘eaten away.’ It seems to be originating from the top of the leaf, so I don’t believe it’s downy mildew.

Harvested about 1 cup of basil, and Cara used it to make roughly 1/2 cup of pesto. Mmmmm!