Plant food and update

I fed Zeus and Kepler today, watering from the top with a rack on a bowl to allow excess to totally drain (get rid of those salts!). They took about 48-56oz of water to get some good drainage from the bottom. The water is a rusty color, but much lighter than when I watered from the top last time. So maybe there’s some validity to not having washed away the salts before. I also watered with the elephant pitcher, a little at a time, so as to be a little less disruptive to the top soil.

The outdoor plants are doing great as well. They didn’t need water since it’s been raining recently. Additionally, they should a decent amount of new dirt and nutrients to pull from since they’ve only been in their new pots for 2 weeks. I gave them a little bit of the left over fertilizer from Zeus and Kepler, but I’ll get them back in the feeding cycle next round after they’ve been in their new homes for about a month.

Kepler (above)

Zeus (below)

Above: Morty

Below: left to right, Summer Sunshine, Prince, Ghost Fire